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Alpha Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital in Fairfax, VA. We see cats, dogs, and exotic pets like birds, rabbits, reptiles, and pocket pets (guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.). We do a full range of medical services including exams, vaccines, health and shipping certificates, and sick pet visits. We perform surgery, dentistry, and all sorts of diagnostic tests including blood work, parasite (fecal) checks, Xrays, ultrasound exams, and more.


We are dedicated to keeping your pet as healthy as possible. Our doctors have over forty years of combined experience! All of us love pets, and it shows. Come visit us and see for yourself.


Alpha Animal Hospital is located in Lee Plaza Center just off Rt. 29 (Lee Hwy.) in Fairfax, near Wegman’s and the government center. 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday



8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

8 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Closed on These Holidays



New Year's Day

November 26th

December 25th

January 1st

Our Address

Alpha Animal Hospital 

11725 Lee Highway

Suite A-15C

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

We are in the Lee Plaza

Shopping Center.

When do I bring my pet indoors? If you have a house pet that is not used to cold weather, do NOT leave them outside when it's 40 degrees or less, especially if conditions are wet. If your pet is accustomed to being outdoors, then you must ensure they have adequate food, water and shelter. This means a wind-proof, dry shelter with a door flap to keep breezes and precipitation out. It should be raised off the ground to keep dry. It needs to be bedded with clean, dry insulating material. Water sources should have a heater in them, or be changed twice a day. If you leave a garage door cracked, make sure your pet is not near the car when you start it, and watch out for unwanted wildlife visitors!



Cold Weather and Pets

Winter dangers: the most harmful thing about winter is usually antifreeze. People anticipate winter and add or change antifreeze in their car. Leaving this around or dumping it on the ground is dangerous! As little as a teaspoon can kill a pet. The substance harms their kidneys and they may not seem ill til a few days after eating it. Antifreeze tastes sweet so it's attractive; pets don't recognize the fluorescent green color as dangerous. Dispose of it properly, and wipe up spills. If you think your pet ate any call your vet right away.



Is road salt bad for my pet's feet? What do I do about it?  Rock salt, commonly used on sidewalks and roads, is not harmful unless your pet eats a LOT of it. Licking their feet will probably just make them thirsty. The best thing to do is wipe the pet's feet once it comes indoors with a warm, damp towel to remove salt and dirt. To get ice and snow out of furry feet, put an old towel in the dryer to heat up before you go on your walk. When you come indoors, grab the towel and wipe down your pet. If they let you, a hair dryer on a low setting works fine, too.

Help local birds and entertain indoor cats by filling a bird feeder and putting it near a window the cats can sit in. No feeder? Hollow out the shell of a navel orange half, preserving the rind intact. Punch 3 holes on the rim, add strings to hang. Fill with seed or a mix of birdseed and peanut butter, and tie to a tree branch.